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  • James Aina
    Lab Support Specialist, Biorepository
  • Andrea Altschuler, PhD
    Member Engagement Consultant
  • Alan Bauck, MBA
    Data Systems Consultant
  • Stephanie Burkes
    Financial Analyst, Program Office
  • Aldwin Carino, MS, CLS
    Quality and Compliance Lead, ISO Management Rep, Program Office
  • Justin Chan
    Data Provision and Analytics, Program Office
  • Elaine Chung, MPH
    Operations Lead, KP Northern California
  • Edith Fauresviun, MPH
    Operations Lead, KP Southern California
  • Shauna R. Goldberg, MPH, CHES
    Operations Lead, KP Colorado
  • Sarah Ibrahim
    Lab Support Specialist, Biorepository
  • Trine Jeppesen, MBA
    Lead Project Manager, Program Office
  • Cabell Jonas, PhD
    Operations Lead, KP Mid-Atlantic States
  • Jasmine Kwong
    Data Reporting and Analytics, Program Office
  • Katherine Li
    Contact Center Lead, Program Office
  • Shiyun Liang
    Research Project Manger, Biorepository
  • Sharon Matthews-Effiom
    Lab Support Specialist, Biorepository
  • Joe Nunoo
    Research Project Manager, Biorepository
  • Dilrini Ranatunga, MPH
    Data Provision and Analytics Lead, Program Office
  • Sacha Reich, PMP
    Operations Lead, KP Northwest
  • Brandi Robinson, MPH
    Operations Lead, KP Georgia
  • Marianne Sadler, MPH
    LIMS and Systems Lead, Program Office
  • Aaron Scrol, MS
    Operations Lead, KP Washington
  • Anand Sethuraman, PhD
    Genomics Engineer, Program Office
  • Gina Rinetti Vargas, PhD
    Data Provision and Analytics, Program Office
  • Vinutha Vijayadeva, MS, PhD
    Operations Lead, KP Hawaii
  • Inga Wagar
    Access Administrator, Program Office
  • Leslie Wright
    Community Engagement and Outreach Scientific Lead, KP Colorado
  • Shigeshi Yamamoto
    Lab Support Specialist, Biorepository
  • Paul Young, MS
    Applications Engineer, KP Northern California
  • Rae Yurong
    Sr Research Project Manager, Biorepository
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