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DNA Could Help the KP Research Bank Discover New Ways to Prevent Disease

What causes diseases like cancer, asthma, and Alzheimer’s? What are the impacts of lifestyle and history on a person’s risk of disease? Scientists working with the Kaiser Permanente (KP) Research Bank are using DNA and other information to find new ways to help people live healthier lives.

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What Could this Research Mean?

It could lead to breakthroughs in ways to prevent or treat diseases. In the future, patients may receive health care based on their individual DNA, environmental, and lifestyle information. DNA information could be used to:

  • Test earlier for diseases;
  • Prescribe the most effective medicines;
  • Better understand the warning signs of disease;
  • Predict the risk of getting a disease;
  • Understand new ways to prevent disease.

Thousands of KP members have agreed to participate in the KP Research Bank and to provide DNA and health information for health-related research. Researchers need to collect DNA from people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds so discoveries can benefit even more people.

The KP Research Bank invites all adult KP members to participate. New participants can click join, and returning participants can log in below.


Follow These 3 Steps to Begin

How to Participate 1 consent form 2 health survey 3 blood sample
  1. Review and sign a consent form.
    This form explains your rights as a participant. Click here to review it. If you agree, sign the consent form to give samples, and past and future health information to the KP Research Bank.
  2. Fill out a health survey.
    Provide information about your health, lifestyle, and history. When you complete the consent form, this survey will automatically pop up. You can take the survey at any time.
  3. Provide a blood sample.
    Give a small sample of blood, about 2 tablespoons, at any Kaiser Permanente clinic or lab. This is collected at no cost to you. You can provide your sample before or after you take the survey.

Questions? Please call the KP Research Bank at 844-268-2947, Monday through Friday 8am-6pm Pacific Time (11am – 9pm Eastern, 9am – 7pm Mountain, 5am – 3pm Hawaii), or email