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You can help change
the future of health

You can make a difference

The KP Research Bank is a collection of health information and blood samples shared by volunteers like you. This information helps doctors and researchers learn about disease, make discoveries, find treatments, and help people live healthier lives. There is no cost to join, your privacy is secure and you can leave the program at anytime.


Research that represents everyone

Click on the images below to watch videos that will help you learn more about the Kaiser Permanente Research Bank.

What you need to know about joining

Flip the nine cards below to learn more about KP Research Bank — and how your participation can help.


Benefits of

You could be helping people and communities in the future. Your participation in this program could help researchers understand health and disease, and discover new treatments or cures.

Watch video about why you should join (02:32)


Data is

Your personal information (name, birth date, and more) is removed and replaced with a number. This de-identified data is securely stored within KP, and may be submitted to secure public research databases.

Watch video about de-identified data (01:45)


Health information
is used for research

To make discoveries about health, researchers use many pieces of health information, including medical record, survey, and genetic information. All research projects must be approved by a review committee.

Watch a video to learn more about research (01:51)


Complete a brief
health survey

Joining means taking a 20-minute health survey that asks about your past and current health. You can skip any questions you do not want to answer. The information is used for research.


Share past and
future medical
record data

Joining means agreeing to share your past and future medical record data for research only. Your personal information is removed from your medical record data and replaced with a number to protect your identity and privacy.


This is not
medical care

You will not get personal results back. Results will not be given to your doctor, put in your medical record, or used to help make decisions about your current health care.


You can leave the
program anytime

Your information may be used for research now and in the future. You can leave the program at any time. Learn how here.

Need Help?

Get answers to questions you might have.


Have questions?

We have answers in the Q&A section.

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Call us at 1-844-268-2947

Monday through Friday

  • 8 AM – 6 PM Pacific Time
  • 9 AM – 7 PM Mountain
  • 11 AM – 9 PM Eastern
  • 5 AM – 3 PM Hawaii

You can call anonymously.

Ask a question or send us a comment

What if you change your mind?

The KP Research Bank is a volunteer program. You can leave the program at any time. Leaving will not affect your Kaiser Permanente insurance or health care. If you want to leave the program, call us or send us a letter.


Call us at 1-844-268-2947

Monday through Friday

  • 8 AM – 6 PM Pacific Time
  • 9 AM – 7 PM Mountain
  • 11 AM – 9 PM Eastern
  • 5 AM – 3 PM Hawaii


Nazneen Aziz, PhD

Principal Investigator
Kaiser Permanente Research Bank
1800 Harrison St. 16th floor, Oakland, CA 94612

*Please do not use the form above to leave the program.

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