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What Kind of Health Research Does the Kaiser Permanente Research Bank Support?

Researchers use the Kaiser Permanente Research Bank to look at how genetic patterns, the environment, and health are connected.  Here are a few areas of research that has used the Research Bank collection:

  • Diabetes that develops during pregnancy
  • Risk factors for multiple sclerosis
  • Predictors of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung cancer
  • Age-related hearing impairment
  • Asthma status and severity

In a few short years, our Research Bank has improved what we know about many health conditions.  When health information and blood samples are stored in a “bank,” researchers can more easily learn about disease, find treatments, and ultimately help people live healthier lives.

People with unique health histories and backgrounds can help expand our Research Bank’s diversity. This increases the chances that research studies that use our Research Bank will produce results that represent people from all communities and backgrounds.  So far, more than 375,000 Kaiser Permanente members have participated, and because there is power in numbers, researchers can study a wide variety of conditions using data from our Research BankWithout you, this wouldn’t be possible.

Researchers typically write an article (also called a paper or a manuscript) for the broader research community when a study is completed.  These research articles are like building blocks that help scientists build on what others have learned as they develop new ways to prevent and treat disease and improve people’s health.  To date, researchers working with our Research Bank have published more than 50 papers.  To view some of these papers, click on the links below:

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