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Dr. Anand Sethuraman leads the Genome Informatics Core at KPRB and brings over twenty years of academic and industry bioinformatics work experience.

Dr. Sethuraman obtained his Ph. D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Georgia, Athens in 1998.  He did his post-doctoral research under the direct supervision of Nobel Laureate Arthur Kornberg at Stanford University School of Medicine.  After his post-doctoral stint, he continued to work at Stanford, with Prof. David Botstein and other eminent scholars, to build and develop core bioinformatic capabilities for genomics research.  He has vast experience working on a wide variety of genomes, ranging from microbes to highly complex eukaryotes.  Dr. Sethuraman also has extensive experience working in the biotech industry, from early stage startups to large-scale private and public companies.  He is an expert in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and research tools to identify rare genetic variants in humans, which has great clinical implications as it allows for early diagnosis and personalized treatment options.

Dr. Sethuraman is very active in bioinformatics learning, education, and training.  He has authored several publications in peer-reviewed journals and given talks at many national and international scientific conferences.  His deep understanding of genomics technologies is critical to our mission for precision health at KPRB.

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