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Stacey Honda, MD

As AMD of Diagnostic Specialties and Research, Dr. Honda oversees diagnostic imaging, laboratory services and Research for the Hawaii Region/HPMG, including both hospital and clinic-based services. As Chief of Pathology and Medical Director of Laboratories, Dr. Honda oversees all aspects of the quality and services of our regional, hospital and clinic based laboratory services. As Director of Point of Care Testing, Dr. Honda oversees all hospital and clinic based POCT in the region. In addition, Dr. Honda serves as the Medical Director of our KP Center for Integrated Healthcare Research Hawaii where she oversees the activities and scientific direction of the research center and has served as PI on a variety of projects including a pragmatic trial (PPACT – Pain Program for Active Coping and Teaching), site PI for the Cancer Research Network as well as being the HI site PI for the KP Research Bank. She also currently serves as site PI for CONNECT, a cancer prevention project; i-SCREEN as part of CSRN (Cancer Screening Research Network); and a Breast Cancer Survivorship Cohort. Her interest includes clinical and cancer related projects.

Dr. Honda earned her medical degree from the University of Hawaii, John A Burns School of Medicine. Upon completing her pathology residency at the University of Hawaii Pathology Residency Program, during which she was based at Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, Dr. Honda joined HPMG in 1997. Dr. Honda also has a PhD degree in Biomedical Sciences, which she received from the University of Hawaii Biomedical Sciences Interdisciplinary Graduate Program. Dr. Honda is board certified in anatomic and clinical pathology.

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