Our Research

KP Research Bank is a research-ready resource that supports scientific investigation into a wide variety of health conditions and diseases.

Our research is helping
many conditions

KP Research Bank information can be used to study any condition or disease — leading to healthier communities.

Our researchers are committed to beating cancer

Researchers at our 8 regional research centers are studying why cancer develops and how it can be treated. They have one goal—to share information with doctors and improve patient outcomes.

Kaiser Permanente Researcher Co-Authors Breast Cancer Study

Kaiser Permanente Researcher Co-Authors Breast Cancer Study

Making a difference in health care for women and babies

What factors might make women more or less likely to have a healthy pregnancy? If you’re a KP member in Northern California, you can participate with more than 20,000 women to help scientists study the environmental and genetic factors of many diseases, including autism and gestational diabetes. If you are currently pregnant and live in Northern California, and are willing to give a small blood sample during your regularly scheduled prenatal lab visits, please contact us at 844-268-2947 to learn more about how you can contribute. Your participation could help make the difference in the future of health and healthcare for women and babies everywhere.

Addressing common
chronic illnesses

What causes diseases like diabetes, asthma or heart disease? How does a person’s environment or lifestyle contribute to these conditions? Our research could lead to breakthroughs in ways to prevent or treat common chronic illnesses that impact KP members, their families, and our communities.

A resource to study
complex disease

It’s difficult to study rare or complex diseases because there are often not enough research volunteers. The KP Research Bank hopes to create a 500,000-member strong resource that researchers can use to study many rare or complex diseases, such as metabolic syndromes, rare genetic conditions, behavioral health disorders, disorders of pregnancy, and more.

Researchers and collaborators using the KP Research Bank have studied:

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders