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Please call the KP Research Bank at 844-268-2947, Monday through Friday 8am-6pm Pacific Time (11am – 9pm Eastern, 9am – 7pm Mountain, 5am – 3pm Hawaii), or email

Current Participants

Do you have updated contact information? Share your new information by emailing the KP Research Bank at Please note, this information will not be added to your medical record.

What If You Change Your Mind?

The KP Research Bank is a multi-year initiative. By participating, you agree to have your sample and health information used for research now and in the future. You have the right to leave the KP Research Bank at any time.

If you wish to withdraw from your agreement, you must notify the KP Research Bank in writing at:
Michael Horberg, MD, MAS
Principal Investigator
Kaiser Permanente Research Bank
2101 East Jefferson Street, 3E, Rockville, MD 20852